Stepping into the Unknown

When you set out on your first career journey, from high school, from college or from university, you step out unaware of what to really expect, from a level of expected comprehension of relative or pertinent business fundamentals, to your place within the dynamic of a fresh new culture that is not typical of the grounds you have traversed through in your past.

As time moves on you become more socially engaged, more productive and valued by peers, trusted by internal and external contributors to your cause and generally comfortable that you can handle yourself with confidence and stand tall amidst your newfound base camp.

The excitement and energy you carry takes you from one great professional achievement to the next, until one day, a day you knew would arrive, a decision placed before you challenges your content way of life and awakens those feelings of early adventures and unfamiliar surroundings.

Whether you were the one who knocked on the door, or were strategically invited to explore, here again you face another moment that has the power to propel or devour what you have learned, become or have predicted your path to be.

So what do you do? And how will you step into this unknown?

Those who have ventured from early beginnings into a channelled career should have gained the insight and exposure to feel confident of accepting new challenges or further advancing their profession and growing a personal brand that is acknowldged and celebrated. Take on senior mentorship and be the very best you can be.

Those who have endured a whirlwind of variety, a carnival of career highs and lows, and twists and turns, will equally share in the ability to embrace redirection and find purpose and passion. Personally factoring in lessons learned from braving harsh conditions alongisde epic sunrises, the realm of the unknown, the nature of surprise, brings with it a sense of chaos that should be welcomed, as growth continues.

And lastly for those who have yet to reach the running water, maybe the world is brand new or maybe you just can’t fight the bushfire on your own. Opportunity awaits and is found in every small step you take today, tomorrow and the next day. The unknown will only remain unknown for a short time, until you come across a new unknown and so on. So take on board what you have built for yourself so far, connect with those who really do want to help you and set yourself in motion for making something small or something huge happen this week, this month, this year.

Each step taken, no matter where you are in your career, your personal life and moving towards your dreams is going to be pose some element of mystery, some notion of risk, some aspect of fun and will always be more fulfilling than not stepping at all.

Good luck with your journey and please reach out to us at ACS if you need a hand with anything career or coaching related that can keep you on track and journeying towards your peak.