Where do I start on my next journey?

Congrats, you have already taken the first step needed to succeed – gather information, gather as much information as you possibly can if you are serious on landing that ultimate next role that makes sense to you.

Are you searching for something to challenge yourself, an area to hone your skills and knowledge, an effective and harmonius team culture, or perhaps it’s simply a much bigger paycheck, career change, or a status upgrade witihin your existing surrounds?

Whatever your thoughts are right now and whatever your end game is, a good place to start is to define what it is that makes you truly happy.

Preparing a resume can sometimes be fun but frightening at the same time. Who knows what competition you may be up against?

Trust in highlighting your specialist areas, what you enjoy about work, and focus on taking action towards what is important in your life today.

Family, lifestyle, career, health, investment, ownership and community may all be driving your motivations right now, some maybe moreso than others.

Reflect on your past career, focus on present goals and put pen to paper to capture your future.

Consider speaking with a professional career coach or advisor on preparing for how you will present yourself throughout the process of:

  • making career choices
  • refining quality applications; and
  • keeping headstrong during the phases of interview and onboarding