Resume Tips

The BIG question? What is it that will make your resume or CV stand out from the rest?

What do resume writers actually do? Our resume writing service will focus on an initial consultation with you over the phone or in person, further interviewing to ensure your resume is targeted and meets the requested selection criteria, delivering the writing piece and communicating any fine-tuning last steps.

If you are working on your resume on your own, consider including more information within the following key areas when presenting your professional career to date.

Resume TIPS

  • Design – How it looks, images, graphics, borders, headings etc.
  • Layout – Margins, paragraph placement, # of pages etc.
  • Structure – Include relatable content to the job description
  • Format – Well formatted, spelling, font style and size, grammar etc.
  • Achievements – Time to shine, highlight your strengths by example
  • Major Skills – Focus on the most relevant and perhaps weight them
  • Projects – Include duration involved, duties and outcomes managed
  • Key Selection Criteria – Identifiy what specific value you can deliver
  • Content Reduction – Saga or highlight reel?, less is usually more
  • Testimonials – Perhaps include a brief comment from a past colleague
  • Goals – Cover letter or profile?, ensure either depicts your true vision
  • You – Who are you? Hobbies, Interests, Groups, Social sports etc. all add to your unique story and bring your personality to the page, first impressions do count!

Writing Services – There are a number of ways we can help you to improve your resume writing piece. Please contact us to find out how an investment in our personalised resume writing service can genuinely help to maximise your position on paper and improve your employment chances of success significantly, by proactively pre-positioning your pitch in the following ways:

  • Creating Your Career Marketing Tool
  • Establishing Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Key Word Strategy – Automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Navigating Your Job Search with Minimal Frustrations
  • Identifying and Highlighting Your Personal Goals
  • Discovering Your Audience
  • Understanding the Process to a Higher Earning Capacity and Benefits
  • The Importance of Your References